Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6 month update

Gracie will be 6 months tomorrow!!! I can't believe it has been half a year since our beautiful girl entered this world. Adam and I were laying in bed last night talking about her personality and all the things we think she will do when she grows up. He was very sad when I said I didn't know if she would enjoy golfing with him because she is very talkative and busy. I must admit I am giggling as I picture him taking her out and trying to get her to sit still and be quiet while the other men are golfing. We shall see! Who knows, maybe she will surprise me! Here is update on all the fun things she is doing now.
~Eating all kinds of babyfood! Her favorite fruit at the moment is peaches. And her favorite vegetable is avocado. I will admit that I swore I would never make her eat something I do not eat, but I gave the sweet peas a whirl and she LOOOOVED them. I'm so proud of her for being brave. Mommy still refuses to eat them though.
~Sleeping on her tummy! This may seem like no biggy to most mommys. But its huge for me. We had a week where Grace refused to fall asleep on her belly if she rolled over in her bed. (Even though she knows how to roll back over!) I think I had to flip her back over 8 times during one nap. Luckily she has since learned that sleeping on her tummy is actually comfortable!
~Jogging! Well, not literally. But she is riding in the jogging stroller so I can. Its so nice to be able to get outside with her. She has actually been having some allergies this week so we are on hold right now, but hopefully will be out again soon.
~Sucking her thumb. I wrote in a post early on that we had a passy monster. She has changed her mind. So thankful we won't have to take it from her in the future. When she started putting herself to sleep on her own she decided she would rather have her thumb. Luckily its always there :)
Those are all big things for this month. But here are a few of my favorite things about her.
~She constantly has a smile on her face!
~She is ticklish under her chin. She makes the cutest face and shrugs her shoulders when I clean her babyfood out from under her chin after she eats. I LOVE IT.
~She sings to herself when she wakes up.
~She looks just like her daddy. This may be my favorite thing. I know I've said before how sad I was that I did all that work to get her here and she doesn't look like me. But I really do love that she looks like him. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Sweet post. So glad we're here to share in all these fun milestones together!