Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a quick update to fill you all in on what Grace has been we've been up to lately! February has FLOWN by! And has been filled with tons of milestones for us! First of all...Adam is creeping closer to 30 (and not wanting to talk a/b it!)....he celebrated his 28th Birthday last Sunday. I keep telling him he's lucky to have such a young hot wife to keep him active ;)
Grace has been achieving something new every week. Everyone warned me that 4 months would be a turning point. Crazy how right they were! The first week of Feb. we got out first official "giggle" out of her! Of course it was at her daddy and not me. We were in Dallas with my family for the weekend while Jill and I got our Pilates Cert. Unfortunately she waited until the day after we returned home to find her feet and roll over!! I was sad everyone missed it! She's also getting much better at eating her cereal with a spoon. She gets so excited when she sees that hot pink spoon headed toward her mouth!
Adam is going for an allergy conference to New Orleans this weekend so Grace and I will be staying with his parents for some much needed "Meme and Pops" time for Grace. She's very excited! And then the following weekend we get to see Daniel, Jill, and Clarke again!
That's about it for us...pray for me. Grace gets more shots tomorrow. On the upside, we get to see how much shes grown since Christmas! Always fun to hear the pediatrician tell you good job and that you could nurse a small village! :) I'm so proud. Have a blessed day!

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  1. Yea for Gracie Beff! And also, yea for you. Will you nurse my next child? I'm only partly kidding. LOL. I guess that'd involve one of us moving. I could just move in with Hills and Toblerone. =) Spencer would love to have a Kotie around. It looks like Spencer is finally healthy, so once y'all are back in town let's play!!!