Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gracie turns 2!

Can it really be that my baby is already 2 years old? UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE!!! She is such a joy to everyone she meets. (I know I say this every post--but its the truth.) She makes me laugh everyday with her funny comments. It usually has something to do with something "big girl" she did, or something "bad dog" Bentley did. And even lately she's had sweet things to say about her "baby brother come to play". :) Thrills my heart! Here is just a wrap up her favorite things to do right now. She loves to go the gym and play with her friends, go to target and Kroger, paint, color, have tea parties, and swing. She looks forward to going running with Adam in the stroller in the evenings. She also is rarely seen without a baby or an animal tucked up under her arm. She's always ready to give a bottle, burp, or put someone down for a nap. She is very into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Caillou, Toy Story, and Veggie Tales if she gets to choose a TV show to watch. She knows all the theme songs and loves to sing and dance to them. Lately we have been rocking in Graham's room when we read our books at night. She thinks this is very special and enjoys talking about all of Grahams "things" as she points them all out. I am looking forward to the new journey she will be going on as a big sister. I'm so confident that she's going to love him and want to be another mommy to him. I know in time this will create some issues, but as long as she doesn't want to give him back, I'm happy :)
Here are a few pictures from Grace's actual birthday, the 14th. We started the day with Minnie Mouse pancakes and a pink sparkle pedicure. That evening we were joined by family and a few of mine and Adams close friends at our neighborhood playground. We had Green Cart Deli cater their AMAZING gourmet hot dogs and we all enjoyed some Minnie mouse cake. Grace was showered with love and blessings from everyone and felt super special. I'm so thankful for all the people God has placed in her life. Family, and friends. She has no idea how loved and cherished she is.

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