Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Flashbacks

Yes! The Harrell's are all still alive! :) I actually have no excuse why I am so spiratic with my blogging. Those of you who know me well, know I would rather nap or watch "A Baby Story" during Gracie's naptime than try to blog. One day I will try harder. Promise :) That being said, here is the update on our little family.
Special Things a/b today: Eight years ago today Adam and I said "I love you" for the first time. Its always a special day each year as we remember what a fun day that was. I'm so thankful God chose Adam as my husband. He is a blessing each and everyday. Such a loyal lover and friend. (mooshy mooshy mooshy...yada yada yada) :)

Also, 2 years ago today, we saw Gracie's heartbeat on the ultrasound machine for the first time!!! Talk about love at first sight! She is such a miracle. Today I am thankful for having the honor of loving this little girl.

Lastly, speaking of the little "lovey girl", as we call her. Today she is 16 months old. The time is flying by. She is the funniest little girl I know. She has the funnest personality. She surprises me with something new everyday. She's got several words now, and understand almost everything I say to her. She's started doing some chores .(I don't think its ever to early to make her earn her keep) :) They include: taking her bucket of diry clothes to the laundy room, throwing dryer sheets away for mommy, putting her sippy cups in the sink, and most importantly, FEEDING THE DOG!!! I always dreamed of the day this could be her job! She loves to carry a cup of dogfood to Bentley's bowl. She then tells him to "eat!". She also likes to tell him "NO NO BEN-TY" for practically everything he does. Poor guy.
We are also headed into the "training" stage. She clearly understands "no" and has been testing her limits. Oddly enough, moreso with me than Adam. Shocker! :) We have both been in tears together a few times, but I know 4 to 5 years down the road I will be so thankful we worked hard at teaching her to obey the first time. I am about to buy and dive into Toddlerwise (the continuation of Babywise which we used with her as an infant) and we have also signed up for the Growing Kids Gods Way class at church. We need all the help we can get! I'm actually very excited a/b the GKGW class because my parents studied it when we were younger. I just think thats neat and trust their judgement in choosing the material.

Nothing too exciting for us lately! I am sending Adam on an "All Dudes" ski trip (the boys words, not mine) for his 30th birthday. Its a year early but Travis and Daniel are turining 30 this year, so he didn't mine jumping in early. Gracie and I are going to try to go visit Aunt Bella and Asa while they are gone. And squeeze in a slumberparty with Shannon and Ally.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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  1. This post is a God-thing because I was so wanting to e-mail you after Saturday and didn't have your e-mail address!!! I just wanted to say THANKS for all your encouragement and for just being such a wonderful friend! I loved getting to hang out with you and can't wait for more! You just said and did all the right things to/for me and I really, really appreciate it more than you will ever know!!! :) God used you to help me with my confidence and I'm so excited for all that God has in store!!
    OH- and we did "Growing Kids" and we LOVE it! It is so practical and relevant and HELPFUL! We refer to it often and honestly could probably stand to go back through it again every year!!!
    Have a great week! See you soon!