Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Well, here is a picture from my first mother's day!!!! Grace has started this silly Elmer Fud smile, and its gotten worse since she's had a tooth come in. So cheesy. But it always makes me laugh! It was a great day! Adam did his best to make it so that I didn't have to lift a finger which was so nice. He even changed the dirty diapers! :) He ran a hot bath for me that night after we put Grace to bed. I got to relax and read Dr. James Dobson's new book "Bringing up Girls". I'm only a chapter in but I'm already loving it. We have a huge responsibility to guide this little girl. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the task because I know her little heart is going to be so fragile. I just want to protect her from this world and the lies little girls are told a/b who they should be. It's definately been challenging me to learn to live the things I want Grace to immitate. Everyday, Lord, please give me the words to fill her heart with true confidence in who YOU created her to be!

My favorite thing Grace is doing right now is giving kisses! She is still not a cuddler....but she totally understands "kisses"! She loves to kiss this dog, her babies, and her glow worm! And if we are lucky, mommy and daddy get one every now and then!

Just wanted to share some pictures of our sweet girl! I will update with beach pictures soon! She's going to be so cute with all those rolls in her little swimsuit!

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  1. Sweet update - Although I have to say, I can't imagine why Atticus and I got cropped out of that picture?? Ha!! Love ya!