Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 weeks

First of all, apologies I haven't updated in 6 weeks. I knew that would be my problem when I started this blog, but I promise to work on it :) Second, I need to clear up the Santa controversy. We ARE going to do Santa for Grace at Christmas. I was just thinking out loud on here and apparently need to not do that. Lots of people were concerned that Grace wouldn't experience Santa. No worries. Santa as well as an elf on the shelf will make an appearance next year. Though they won't be emphasized as much as Jesus. I'm not going to worry about--as my brother pointed out, I grew up having Santa and know that Jesus is what Christmas is about and I am not scarred from finding out Santa is not real. ANYWAY....MOVING ON!

I realized I haven't been recording Grace's milestones like I would like to, so thats the goal today. So far:

5 weeks: started smiling on purpose

8 weeks: staying awake for an hour of playtime after eating

10 weeks: slept through the night for the first time (11pm to 7am)

10 weeks: moved into her nursery for naps and nighttime

11 weeks: umbilical hernia completely healed...Praise the Lord!

13 weeks: first roadtrip with mommy to see Aunt Bella in Fayetteville

14 weeks: started babbling (and hasn't stopped since!)

And here we are at 15 weeks tomorrow! Grace is so much fun! She is so silly. I was telling Adam the other night it is so fun to wake up and see her smiling and talking at the camera sitting on her bed. I have no idea how long she's been awake but she's so happy entertaining herself in the mornings. We've almost gotten a giggle out of her a few times. I can't wait for a real one! She babbles and coos all the time, especially when she's trying to go to sleep. We've caught her on video a few times. She's definitely a mamas girl right now. She loves playing with daddy, but sometimes refuses to eat and sleep for him. (Although I keep telling him its b/c she barely protests and he won't try very hard to make her do anything she doesn't want to.)

I am looking forward to starting cereal in a couple of weeks, although it makes me sad she will be old enough to eat out of a bowl...with a spoon...sitting up. Where does the time go?

That's all for today, I hear her yelling "mommy" from her crib! (i wish).

And here we are

And here we are

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  1. At the risk of fueling the controversy, I just want to say that my parents didn't tell me there was a Santa, and I still had wonderful, joyous Christmases. =) You're her momma, you do whatever you want....after carrying and delivering a baby I now firmly believe (barring any blatant heresy) that choices should be yours to do with what you will. You will know her better than anyone else, and you'll know what will confuse her and what won't at each age.