Thursday, December 1, 2011

Birth story

Graham Cooper Harrell has arrived! It was a complete whirlwind of a day so I figured I had better hurry and record what I remember of it. How is it that we anticipate that day for 40 wks and then it is gone in a blink?
Our day started early! We didn't have to be at the hospital until 7am, which was much nicer than the 5am check in with Grace. Of course we were up and moving before we had planned. I crawled out of bed at 5 after laying there for 30 minutes feeling anxious. Who can sleep when you have 'bring a new life into the world' on the agenda for the day? :) I was dressed and ready to go by 5:45. My mom spent the night to stay with Grace(who was talking in her bed at 5am as well-guessed she sensed something was up). My dad arrived at 6:00,donuts in hand. Before I knew it we had the car loaded and were on our way by 6:30. We got checked in quickly,and had a little bit of a wait while the nurses had a shift change. I had a wonderful nurse named Jennifer. She did a great job with my IV, which for me is one of the worst parts of childbirth. I HATE needles. Dr Cole came in at 8, did an exam, and broke my water. I was at 2-3cm which I had been at for about 2 weeks. They started my pitocin on a very low dose around 8:30. My contractions were very bare able and irregular for about an hr. my nurse checked me after an hr, no progress, Graham was still pretty high and I was at 3cm. I had a brief moment of fear mainly bc things flew after my water broke with Grace, but I think it was bc I had been on pitocin for 4hrs by then with her. My contractions became more regular and difficult over the next hour. I really had to focus and breath through them. It was not my plan to do natural labor, so I was very much looking fwd to my epidural, but wanted to push through as long as I could to make as much progress as possible incase it slowed things down. By 10:30 I was asking for my epidural (my mom,Adam,and Elizabeth all were great back rubbers as they helped me manage the pain, but I had hit my limit.) I had made it to 6cm and got my epidural at 11:00am. I need to note that again, I had a great NA and am so thankful the epidural went so smoothly. I was immediately more comfortable and was very excited to have friends and family be in and out while we waited. Adams parents were so sweet to handle Grace and keep her on schedule all day. It really allowed me to focus. I was checked again at 12:00pm and was 7-8cm, followed by 9cm at 1:00 and was told i would be pushing within the hour. Little did I know just how soon! Dr Cole set the room up all by himself. There were 4 other deliveries taking place and he had to keep calling for a nurse to come! I was very impressed bc most docs just show up to catch the baby at the end. We had a few laughs as we sat waiting for a nurse, and finally one arrived about 1:15 and it was time to push! I had 2 sets of pushes and at 1:21pm our little man was here! Weighing in at 7lbs, 7oz.(Adam guessed right on the dot!) and 20 1/4in long. It was so crazy that it moved so quickly. I had fully prepared for 30-45 min of pushing as I had done with Grace. Dr Cole held him up and Adam and I looked at each other and both said "he looks just like Grace!"
He had a full head of auburn hair (ab the only thing I contribute to my babies!) They cleaned him up and I had him nursing within 20 minutes. It was a completely different delivery than with Grace. I am so thankful that Graham had clear fluid when my water was broken bc I didn't get to hold Grace for a while bc they had to clean her lungs out. It was a completely stress free delivery and such a blessing to be done in 5.5 hrs start to finish. It has been a very easy recovery and everyone is adjusting well to being home as a family of four. I will update with pictures soon of grace's first time meeting her brother. Such a special moment. She was meant to be a big sister, for sure. Thank you all for your prayers and support. God had his fingerprints all over this special day. We feel so honored God gave Graham to our family and look forward to getting to know him as he grows up!

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  1. Yea! Such a sweet story. Dr. Breniman had to set up my room for delivery too; he had gone back to the office after he checked me because he was sure it'd be another couple of hours. A few minutes later I called the nurse because I really thought it was time. She was sure it wasn't. I was right. =) She and Dr. B. flew around the room moving everything all around, and three sets of pushes later she was here. The first part of my story isn't as great as yours, though. =( So happy for y'all. Can't wait to see more pix and "hear" more stories.