Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Gracie is up to....

I wanted to add a few things a/b what Gracie is doing these days:
*She is loving summer so far. Atticus has come over 2 days in a row for a pool party!! This picture was actually in the living room (with no water) while Vanessa and I were getting ready for our lunch. But they have enjoyed playing in the backyard in the pool as well. She looks so precious in her bikini. I only wish it was still cool to "let it all hang out" when you're my age. :)
I will note that this was taken after she had eaten lunch. So shes a little "fluffy", which I love!
*Grace has been army crawling all over the place since the week before we left for Costa Rica. I keep waiting for her to figure out how to get her knees under her any day now. Time for baby proofing!!
*She has 2 teeth now! You can kind of see them in this picture. She loves to twirl her tongue around and feel them. And she has learned to make clicking noises with her tongue (like a dolphin).
*Gracie has also learned how to say "byebye" (which sounds like "bahbah") and wave her arm when prompted (sometimes). And she reaches for us to pick her up now. Which thrills my heart since she won't snuggle with me!
She is still growing like a weed! Almost 22lbs (as you can tell from this picture)! We are currently on the search for a convertible car seat since she has outgrown her infant one. I am loving this phase that she is in. I know I've said that every update. But she really is the funniest little girl. I can't wait until she can talk to me. I'm sure we are going to hear some funny stuff from this one!

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  1. LOVE her bathing suite. It's those pix that convince me that I would love having a little girl. =) We need to come see Gracie 'Beff! I don't want those Conway boys to get the idea that they don't have any LR competition.