Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grace's first halloween

Just a quick post to show a picture of Grace on her first halloween. We didn't go trick or treating, just had a quick photo shoot this morning after her bath. Adam's parents, siblings, and grandparents came down for the day. It was really fun to introduce Belinda's parents to Grace for the first time. I love how they made such a big deal out of her even though this is their 8th or 9th great grand child!!! But who could resist this sweet little ballerina??


  1. I know I already commented on this picture on Facebook, but she is so cute! I just love her to pieces! I NEED to get over my sickness so I can come hold her! I'm still going to bring food over tomorrow but I might just have to put it on the front door. I don't want to risk giving anything to her or you! Hopefully soon I will be able to come visit! Love you and miss you!!

  2. Hi Laura! Shannon just told me today that you started a blog!! I am SO HAPPY to see sweet baby Grace--she is GORGEOUS!!!! SO happy for you guys!! I am saying a prayer for you guys and hoping things are going well. Isn't God good? Praising Him for your sweet daughter tonight!